Our Pricing

Perfect for established businesses looking to rent truck for an event.
Per Day
Pick any available day from our calendar
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7 Day Plan
Perfect for up-and-coming chefs/pop-ups looking to get their name out.
Per Day
Pick 7 days within a 35 day period
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10 Day Plan
Perfect for those ready to test out whether they are ready for their own food truck.
Per Day
Pick 10 days within a 45 day period
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How can I check available days to rent?

The availability of our trucks is displayed in our booking form once you submit the initial page.

How do the 7 and 10-day plans work?

You can select your 7 or 10 preferred days from our availability calendar within our set time period (35 day period for 7 Day Plan and 45 day period for 10 Day Plan). This does not mean you will need to select 7 or 10 consecutive days. You will have more flexibility to select more days at a lower base price. The base price rental per day will decrease to $300 or $275, respectively. The total security deposit ($200/day) is still required at the point of reserving your desired days on our "Book Now" form.

What are the add-ons to the service?

Requesting a cleaner to clean your truck, adding ice to the ice chest, and adding 2 more hours to your 8-hour schedule are the three primary options to include with your rental of our truck. Cleaning fee is $70. Ice Service is $10. Additional hours (2 hours) is $50.

How are propane & gas handled?

The truck will be ready to go with both propane and gas upon pickup. A portion of the security deposit goes towards the cost of ensuring both are filled and ready to go. This is a flat rate of $100 out of the security deposit due to the ever changing costs of propane and fuel.

Can we re-schedule or cancel the days we have already booked?

If you would like to reschedule for a different day that is open, you may do so but we will keep the upfront security deposit. Similarly, if you would like to cancel a day that you have booked, we will keep the upfront security deposit for that day.