Our Pricing

Per Day
Pick any available day from our calendar
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7 Day Plan
Per Day
Pick 7 days within a 35 day period
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10 Day Plan
Per Day
Pick 10 days within a 45 day period
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How can I check available days to rent?

The availability of our trucks is displayed in our booking form once you submit the initial page.

How do the 7 and 10-day plans work?

You can select your 7 or 10 preferred days from our availability calendar within our set time period (35 day period for 7 Day Plan and 45 day period for 10 Day Plan). This does not mean you will need to select 7 or 10 consecutive days. You will have more flexibility to select more days at a lower base price. The base price rental per day will decrease to $270 or $250, respectively. The total security deposit ($150/day) is still required at the point of reserving your desired days on our "Book Now" form.

What are the add-ons to the service?

Requesting a cleaner to clean your truck, adding ice to the ice chest, and adding 2 more hours to your 8-hour schedule are the three primary options to include with your rental of our truck. Cleaning fee is $70. Ice Service is $10. Additional hours (2 hours) is $50.

How are propane & gas handled?

The truck will be ready to go with both propane and gas upon pickup. However, we will be charging the client for the amount used and deducting this from the security deposit paid upfront (typically no more than $50 total).

Can we re-schedule or cancel the days we have already booked?

If you would like to reschedule for a different day that is open, you may do so but we will keep the upfront security deposit. Similarly, if you would like to cancel a day that you have booked, we will keep the upfront security deposit for that day.