Frequently Asked Questions

How does the On The Go LA service work?

On The Go LA is a service that helps local food entrepreneurs easily & affordably formalize their business and grow their customer base by offering full-service, short-term food truck rentals. We provide food entrepreneurs -- including local chefs, pop-ups, and catering companies -- the opportunity to grow their business and revenue through single and multi-day food truck rentals. On the Go LA makes this seamless for the entrepreneurs, by providing the truck, permits, high-traffic stops, marketing, and operational support, which lets the entrepreneurs focus on what they do best -- serve great, new food to local Angelenos.

What additional permits do I need?

All you need is a food handler’s permit, which can be obtained through ServSafe. The truck comes with the needed permit to operate in LA County, so no additional city permits are needed. However, we do not have the special permits required to operate in West Hollywood or on the beach in Santa Monica.

Who drives the truck?

You are expected to drive the truck during your rental period. We do not provide drivers with this service. You will pick up and drop off the truck at the commissary - 762 Slauson Ave. LA, CA 90011.

Do I need a special driver license?

No. A normal (C) Class Driver’s License will suffice.

How will I know how to operate everything on the truck?

You can always sign up for a tour, even before you book, to make sure you will feel comfortable operating the truck. Included with the welcome packet you receive after you book is also a link to On The Go how-to videos to reference when you are onboard one of our trucks.

What does the daily rental schedule look like?

This is the proposed schedule we have created. However, if you have an event you are doing or only one spot in mind, this schedule is not set in stone.

8 AM: Pickup Food Truck at 762 Slauson Avenue
11 AM – 3 PM: Stop 1
3:30 – 6:30 PM: Stop 2
7:00 – 8 PM: Drop Off & Clean Truck at 762 Slauson Avenue

If you added on the extended hours option to your rental, the truck would need to be returned and finished cleaning by 10pm.

How do I pick the scheduled stops for the day?

If you are familiar with the area of interest, you will be given free-reign of deciding the stops as long as it fits the 8-hour schedule. A list of possible stops is included in the welcome packet that is sent out after reserving the truck. On The Go LA is not responsible for setting up locations for our clients nor do we guarantee any level of success with the suggested stops. It is recommended to do research and plan the route before your day onboard.

These are some of the areas that are available for clients to choose from within LA County: We recommend picking one area and select 1-2 stops within this specific area (city).

Can I park anywhere on the streets?

Yes, with the exception of the red zone (a curb painted red). Parking meter areas are also permitted as long as you pay the parking fee. Be aware of your proximity to other restaurants, as we are not wanting to take away from their business. Make sure where you are parked is public and not a private drive or parking lot. And remember, we are not permitted on beaches or in beach parking lots.

What are the costs?

For a breakdown of our pricing options, see our pricing page.
Each reserved day will require an upfront non-refundable security deposit of $200.

How does the security deposit work?

The security deposit is the only way to reserve days. From the security deposit, $100 will be applied as a credit to the daily rate and $100 will go towards the cost of filling up the gas and propane tanks.

How are propane & gas handled?

The truck will be ready to go with both propane and gas upon pickup. A portion of the security deposit goes towards the cost of ensuring both are filled and ready to go. This is a flat rate of $100 out of the security deposit due to the ever changing costs of propane and fuel. If you are traveling fairly far away from the commissary, you may need to stop at a gas station, but most of clients stay relatively close to the commissary and fueling the truck is unnecessary.

How can I check available days to rent?

The booking form calendar is always up-to-date on which days are available to rent. If a day is grayed out, it means all of our trucks are booked for that day already. Our clients usually don't cancel or reschedule so while we can put you on a waiting list for a particular day, most likely a truck will not become available for that day.

Can we re-schedule or cancel the days we have already booked?

If you would like to re-schedule for a different day that is open, you may do so but be aware that we may keep the upfront security deposit. If you would like to cancel a day that you have booked, your security deposit will be kept for that day.

How can I display my logo/business name on the truck?

You can bring banners. Banners should not cover the main On The Go LA decals from either side of the truck. Please be aware that glue or any type of materials that are used to stick a banner to a wall will possibly damage the truck’s paint, resulting in a fine. We recommend bringing Velcro to use (none will be provided for you).

Wrapping the truck is not allowed as it would cover the main On The Go LA decals.

What equipment is available on the truck?

For a complete list of what equipment is on the trucks as well as a short video and some pictures of the truck, please see the Our Truck page. The truck is able to haul two people up front in the driver and passenger seats, and about three people can work and move comfortably in the kitchen area of the truck.

List of the food truck features:
· Seamless diamond plate aluminum flooring
· Stainless steel counters, walls, and ceiling
· Bubble top roof provides sunlight and ventilation.
· Aisle space throughout the kitchen is min. 30”
· Interior height has a minimum 74” clearance
· ANSUL Fire Suppression System

Who is responsible for cleaning at the end of the day?

As part of the rental agreement, we require that you clean the truck at the end of your day so that it is left in the same condition it was given to you in the morning. If you wish to forgo this cleaning or if it is not cleaned to the standard expected, there will be a $70 cleaning fee added onto your final invoice. You can also plan ahead and select the cleaning add-on with your booking.